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Came across this article

Came across this article accidentally, but this is an ongoing problem. On 2 August 2011 I brought one of our dogs to Leonard-Sykes Animal Hospital on Kerr Ave. We had been taking our pets their for 15 years, and were generally pleased with their care. The dog was brought in to look for a possible urinary tract infection. She was 8 months old. One of the vet techs brought her out in back of the clinic to collect a urine sample. I waited in the exam room. Waited a while. 10 minutes later, the vet came back in to tell me the dog had got of her lead and was run over and killed.

This seems to me to be negligence of the most extreme variety. I wonder why a clinic located on one of the busiest roads in Wilmington cannot be bothered to provide a secure enclosure preventing animals from wandering out to Kerr Ave. (They have an enclosure- when I left I noticed the gates were WIDE open). Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed in Leonard/Sykes clinic, and would urge all owners to be diligent and careful when bringing their pets here. I will say the clinic offered to cover the cremation expenses and provided copies of all vet history of our surviving animals to give to new vet. Thanks a lot.

When I went to interview NEW vets for our animals, I was surprised to find out that this type of thing is not as uncommon as I would have thought. I'd urge all pet owners to be VERY careful when allowing ANYONE at a local Wilmington vet clinic to handle their pet, especially outdoors.


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