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i read some of this vets articles in newspapers and the one i read on ferrets is so false, he needs to go back to school, no i change that he needs to retire as a vet. His giving people advice on ferrets is so wrong. I have 17 ferrets and have had 22 at one time. As pets they do NOT eat live prey and do not get startled when awaken. There is ferret food out there for them and they are usually very hard to awaken. I have had ferrets for over 12 years and have gone through all their diseases and habits, they are sweet loving animals. The only thing I think they are not a very good pet for a young child as they can get stepped on or hurt very easily as they are long bodied and most young children hold them by the top of their body and let the rest hang and it can damage their spines. .Dr Lacroix needs to be more informed of his practice and animals befroe he starts giving advice to the public. i am not very ahppy wiht alot of his articles and this one hit home.


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