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what's the whole story?

This seems to have been a one-sided report. Nothing at all was mentioned if any recommedations were made to the owner of the dog. As stated, pre-anesthetic bloodwork is highly important but still optional, can be declined and can't be forced upon someone. Was that done in this case? No one wants to mention that part just in case the owner didn't do it and should have. The comment about it being common practice to sedate dogs for nail trims is completely untrue. Aggressive or unruly dogs are mildly sedated occasionaly but the behavior issue goes back to how the owner has handled or disciplined his/her dog. I am a registered vet tech and have been in this field for over 10 years now, both here and SC. It saddens me to see a fellow veterinary comrade blasted by the media and people without all the information at hand. As if our job isn't hard enough as it is, dealing with people whose bottome line is "How much is this going to cost me? Can we cut some corners if we don't do this or that?" I guarantee if you asked anyone who worked in any vet clinic in any town if they had ever lost a patient and had no answer for why they would say yes. It is not a incident that only happens at one place. As far as Dr. Lacroix retiring, that was probably HIS decision and it is unfair to take it out on those who bought a practice that was up for sale just because you weren't informed as to what he was planning to do. Maybe these people aren't worse, just different. Give them a break.


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