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FIrst, shame on all of you

FIrst, shame on all of you for believing everything you read. Second, shame on all of you for judging. THere is no such thing as a place "designed excessive drinking". There were other children there with their parents, and this child was sitting at a table eating dinner with her family. Nobody watched this guy touch her 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A guy walked by and hit her on her BACK twice. She thought the first was a mistake. The second time, she told her parents, who immediately notified staff. By the time he walked by the 3rd time, 2 managers, the parents and an off duty Law Enforcement member were watching him. That is the only time ANYBODY witnessed anything. The father immediately grabbed the guy and detained him while management called police. The media is making it out to be more salacious than it is, and how dare all of you cast blame on anyone. That little girl, nor her parents were doing anything wrong. They were sitting at a table eating dinner!!!!!!! Shame on all of you!!!!


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