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JJ- I'll say again if the

JJ- I'll say again if the charter school is using tax payer money to operate then they should not be allowed to turn away any student. The public system and RBA run off the same money, if a public school cant turn away a student then RBA shouldn't be able to either. Their should always be a "slot" available.They are a public school operating on public tax dollars not a private school. A private school does reserve the right to deny admission because they aren't depended on money from the government. The money given to the public school system and the money allocated to the charter schools are very close in amount. My issue with that is it takes away resources from a school system people deem weak. Every penny is accounted for in the traditional system and used to the last cent. RBA makes money by not using the funds accordingly. I doubt all $7,000 per student is put into resources. Its the way that school is set up to allow a profit to the founder that has everyone upset. It takes money from the school system! The children who attend are deprived because of charters, not enough text books or media resources; not because the budget wasn't used accordingly but due to the fact the budget is less thanks to RBA and other area charters taking money from the traditional budget. The public school does make money by fundraising and so does the private school I have my youngest attending. RBA should do the same thing instead of using tax payer money. For me it goes back to working hard and earning your success. RBA only exist due to that traditonal budget and random people taking advantage of a system that has flaws but over all does meet the needs of the students.


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