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I'll say again if the Tara

Tara you could not be any further from the truth. The few students that RBA takes from a school system shouldn't hurt the system. If each public school teacher have 25+ students in a class that is 175000 dollars per class. If the teacher is paid $50k (most are not) then that leaves 125000 per class room. Now figure out how much that is for each school with 30+ classes. That would be over 6 million per school at a minimum. I really don't think a system losing 30 kids (remember RBA services all the counties in the area) is going to hurt them.

Also, it the school system wasn't spending so much money on sports and playing fields they might have more money.

Now, on your second point (I might be wrong on this), but they have only so many slots and that might be set by the Charter School Board in Raleigh. Even if there isn't a limit set by the state and they would take everyone, what would we do with the BD of ED? They wouldn't have any students to go to their schools..

I've had two boys to go through their system and I can see what they can do and how well their system works. So, if you think it is about them taking a lot of money from the school system, I think you are wrong. People don't like it because it works and the public school system doesn't. They have to meet a standard just like the public system does and most of the time their scores are higher than the public system is. Why? They limit the number of students in a class and they break the kids off into their skill level. This means that if a child is in the 2nd grade and can read on a 4th grade level that child is moved to that level. This doesn't happen in public school where the child would be held back to the lowest level child.


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