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marijuana makes jobs / Sen Goolsby wont sure with you

Ok beside making it easier on your land taxes, school taxes and even state taxes and fed ,, Sen Goolsby, knows that if this law was passed it would also bring jobs too ,, from making paper. fuel for your car,home and it could save lives,, so why not pass the law ,, that's because. the medicine company will not let them pass it ,, this is what he and other don't want you to know ;marijuana can give more money and jobs to the people of north carolina,, like paper products and body-care product,and then for the farmers who can grow it , they can sale it to make livestock bedding and feed, and the textiles company that can come back to north carolina ,so we have a guy in office who has a radio show and lost one before for taking peoples money on wall-st or stock,, and yet we are to believe him,,, look there in office for us to get us a better life right!!! then why are they not looking out for us ,, he said in his words we cant drink in every county in nc, ok i will say this then if we believe in god , and we our one nation under god ,, then God made grass and man made booze,,who do you trust ? sen Goolsby,and the other who are putting money in there pockets and not yours ,,I had over 6,000 people who sing a paper in wilmington to get this law on the floor, and there were over 100,000 people in nc who sign that same paper all over the state, and the republicans wouldn't even look at it and turn it down to this year,, i say bring it up and let the voter vote on it in 2014,, or if not still live off of food stamps welfare, and keep losing jobs in nc not bring them here,, i'm done trying to get this message out,, i'm going to move to one state who has it passed and make the money i should be making and live good ,,


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