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N.C. and Cannabis

The people who want to keep cannabis illegal sound like the same people that think Obamacare is a good idea. Both believe it's better THEIR way, but only because they are too ignorant to see the big picture. Sugar is a drug with no medical benefits, but you sure don't see congress doing anything to fix that drug huh? I've never heard of cannabis causing cavities or diabetes or high blood sugar, have you? Matter of fact, have you heard of cannabis causing anything bad to happen, besides munchies, sleepiness and paranoia? I say eliminate the paranoia because that's mainly experienced due to cannabis being illegal... the act of knowingly doing something illegal can be viewed as a stimulus to certain chemicals in the brain. Good thing our leaders keep cannabis illegal right? I feel much safer knowing that I can kill myself by eating sugar and kill myself by drinking alcohol, but not kill myself by smoking cannabis. Sounds crazy right, but it's true. There are more deaths by consuming sugar than there are from smoking cannabis. New studies also support the fact that legalizing cannabis does not cause crime to increase nor does it make the roads any more hazardous. Turns out most the people already driving are F'ed up on pharma pills and alcohol, so legalizing cannabis did nothing as far as dampening someone's driving skills.


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