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legalizing marijuana

Legalizing marijuana will never ever happen in this state. This state (NC) is part of the bible belt and is ranked # 7 of the most ignorant states in the USA. WHy? Because our people still believe in gods. Of all the people in this country, 14% still believe in gods. Most people go to college and upon being educated, come to terms and figure this all out on there own. There is no such thing as gods. The dinosaurs did exist, and we evolved with all the other animals on this planet, from the same common ancestors. Not in NC though. We still believe in magic. Its this ignorance that will continue to hurt this state and keep us in the stone age. Not the stoned age. I asked a 47 year old woman from Jacksonville why she did not support legalization. She responded " its not good for you and it will hurt you" I promptly asked her "How is it bad for you?" She could not answer me. Why? Because she was not educated on the matter and from what I gather... Not educated at all. Here is a fun fact: Marijuana has not been proven to have any deadly or harmful effects on our anatomy what so ever. Alcohol has been proven to cause liver damage and all sorts of problems with our anatomy. It will impair you to the point where you can not drive or operate machinery safely. Cigarettes will KILL you! Yet these are both not only legal but taxed. Marijuana has none of these ill effects. Yet its illegal. Unfortunately NC will never ever legalize this substance purely out of ignorance and blatant disregard for common sense. NC still believes in magic and until it catches up with the rest of the world, will continue to put there faith in magic and will more then likely become the #1 instead of # 7 most ignorant states. : (


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