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Honestly I'm tired of thinking marijuana dont need to be legalized and its morally wrong..I'm your "pothead" and im weighing in..WE are normal everyday folks who choose to smoke something natural and helpful ALL because what everyone wants to believe. Its better then taking pills..watching childeren overdose on a pill thats in YOUR shelves.. rollin one lighting one is no less then your typical cigarettes. .but unlike cigarettes youdont want another joint til bed time..MOST cigarette smokers chain smoke..MY depression meds gave me the innability to care for a persons feelings..lack of emotions.THERE IS A STUDY PROVING THIS HAPPENS..NEXT STEPS FOR PEOPLE WAS MURDER. Watched it on the news days ago..JUST because u dont smoke it its not the devil.. its nothing like killing people but you are with your judgement and VIG PHARMA talk.BUT because of non-supporters VETERANS GO TO JAIL.. INNOCENT FOLKS WHO PARTAKE is thrown to illegality type living..cant get a decent job BECAUSE they have to smoke to control pain... bipolarity..insomnia....WHOS THE MONSTERS US OR YALL..WHO TRYIN TO KEEP THE PEACE..Just like tobacco. .alcohol perscription drugs there are responsible n irresponsible partakers..JUST KEEP IT OUT THE REACH OF KIDS N smoke responsibly.


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