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Let's get with the times NC

North Carolinians need to stand together and let's vote these old timer politicians out of office. If they are to ignorant to see how beneficial marijuana would be for our state then they need to go. Let's not be the last state to get with times again. Marijuana has so many benefits that I can't even say outweigh the bad cause there isn't anything bad about marijuana. People are sick and need a miracle drug that doesn't cause death like pain killers, benzos, and the list goes on. Marijuana is that miracle medicine that you can actually call medicine cause it actually helps instead of killing you slowly like a lot of pharmaceuticals.
Just legalize the plant that has been proven to have nothing but benefits and let's get on with making this state some money, help a lot of people who sick have a better life, and lastly so the hell what if people use it for pleasure, what is wrong with using something that is completely harmless for fun?
Mike P


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