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If this little group wants to move it, let them pay for it.

Despite the fact that I have an undying respect and gratitude for the service provided to our country by members of the armed forces over the years, I can think of a multitude of other things that are much more deserving of public expenditure than moving a monument dedicated to WWI.

Wilbur Jones' statement that it will "draw people's attention to it as another attraction to the waterfront area" is totally out of touch with reality. An "attraction to the waterfront"? A WWI monument? Really? Helloooo .... Earth to Wiiilburrr ....

If this little group thinks it's that important to move it, they should dig into their own pockets and augment that with putting some effort into privately raising the funds to pay for the move. This is a classic case of "putting your money (and your effort) where your mouth is".

Raise the money yourself (and I don't mean by asking for public funding) and I, among others, will be more than happy to applaud you for your efforts.


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