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Thats not the point that he

Thats not the point that he was a felon. You people are missing the whole point. How do you blame these teens being caught up in the streets, when you have nothing too do for that age group in Wilmington. All you people make me sick and im tired of reading ignorant statements like that. Those of you saying those comments should maybe reach out too someone and help them instead of degrading them putting them in the "Felon" catergory. Every Felon is not a terrible person, people make mistakes. Some of you people need too sit down and look at yourselfs before you start critizing others. Oh and by the way this a 18 african-american male who said this, who has a clean record and about too finish my first year of college. So reach out too someone and dont jugde. No one is perfect but we all have room for improvement.


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