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Grats on living your life

Grats on living your life like a decent human being. But, don't give people who make absolutely selfish choices excuses. Either one of these people could have made the same choices as you.
But.....they CHOSE the street. It didn't "catch" them.
No one "put them in the "Felon" category" - THEY committed the felonies - they put themselves there.
I agree, none of us is perfect. But change in oneself comes when you admit TO YOURSELF the problems you have.
It doesn't come when people coddle you, aren't straight up with you, protect the wrong you do, continue to give you excuses to act like a POS, and post on the news stories of your idiotic choices what a great person you are and to give you a break.
When I read these news stories I sit back and ask myself "what would I do if this were one of my sons"? (I have four sons, by the way, between the ages of 17-34).
In this case, I'd let them know what losers they are. I'd let them know to change or get lost.
They already know "the street" isn't a choice. "The street" is for weak sheeple who need to be followers.
They already know if they made that choice I would take every opportunity to point and laugh at their stupidity. I'd be sure to let them see the judgement they deserve from the public.
They don't choose "the street" BECAUSE I'm the way I am. And I'm so very thankful they didn't.
It really sucks that anyone had to die. Then again, ultimately, they made that choice too.
They chose.....the street.


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