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you know I wouldn't normally

you know I wouldn't normally do this but im going to take the opportunity to speak out on you as an ignorant arrogant sinful hypocrite. You see it funny in life how we can look so down on a person for mistakes as if we have none our selves. We push comments without any regards of heart to ask where is his father? Its funny majority of these young men do nothing wrong to grow up without a father in their life. But your worse then the worse because if you have that much mouth to chime in on the bad of things of the mutts why don't you be n example and Christ like to go in a help educate and save them. even if they make mistakes it takes a strong leader to realize only true growth comes in learning from mistakes. Sad to say this even if you had a father in your life you just dishonored him with the arrogant, ignorant rant of you. I would be ashamed to be your father. and trust I am a true man of God plus a loyal community advocate for change.


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