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only types of people who

only types of people who defend these people are the racist family members who just side with their family no matter how heinous the crime their precious "boy" did. I knew a kid who got shot for giving a kid a ride and he got the kid convicted and the black kid who shot him came into court wearing an armani dress suit with his whole family cheering him on to win innocent on a murder trial where he shot this kid in the face and body 3 times point blank, just to steal his car...and the FAMILY STILL SUPPORTED HIM. this is only seen in very low income families and i hate to make it racial but i witness it in the lower black community constantly. black people dont tip white people, they tell their children to steal from white children at school. they are being raised this way. never have i lived somewhere where i get so many mean looks from african americans, i can tell they think i despise them, and then when i get to know them its a diff story and were friends. its a shame so many familys support their children even when they know they did something monstrous because of their overall hatred of a "race"


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