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What a couple of Clowns

George Brown and Jimmy Tate what a couple of clowns, just because they are County Commissioners of one of the most dysfunctional boards in the state of North Carolina everyone should drop and bow when they walk by. Jimmy Tate is nothing more than a Jessie Jackson want be, and George Brown the clown needs the vote he hopes Jimmy can bring. I suggest the commissioners clean up their own house before looking at cleaning others, lets open the books to the county funds and take a look at some of there spending habits, what county in their right mind makes the assistant county manager and the head finance officer one in the same. George Brown the clown has already screwed up the health dept., and the dept. of Social Services he is now aligning with Jimmy Tate to try and win those votes back. Jimmy Tate please do the county a favor and make good on your repeated threats to step aside. You have stepped aside so much they have a line dance named after you!! No wonder so many DWI if I had to work with these 2 I would drink also.


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