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The joke is on us....

The only joke here is the PCS administration and superintendent. Thank you to Jimmy Tate for standing up for the children, teachers, and citizens of Pender County and seeing Dr. Cobb for the person she is. Don't believe me, click on the link below and read the comments. Also, check the StarNews online database and see how bloated the salaries are of the people she hired as elementary/middle schools principals compared to already established principals

Talk about a joke...PCS is the only district that took away Spring Break as make up days and requiring students to go to school on a Saturday. Many families have planned trips during this time. Now families have to sacrifice valuable time together to send students to school. To make matters worse, the make up days are half days...for students. The district did not ask for community feedback on make-up days and made the decision on a 3-2 split vote on a Friday evening meeting that was not very well publicized. Furthermore, why was PCS consistently the VERY last district to announce closings or delays. Even announcing a delay on the 11:00 news and making an all call at 5:30 am, giving parents no time to adjust their schedules. My teacher friends say morale is at an all time low in the district and it will continue to be low until a change is made. Good teachers are leaving. They also told me that Trask HS has lost 5 teachers since school started. Thats with a new principal. Something has to change or PCS will continue its slow decline. Continue the good work Mr. Tate, don't stop.

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