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Where there's smoke...

Where there's smoke there's a fire.

Several of the comments from above concerning the state of Pender County Schools and the leadership of one Dr. Cobb are not made up. No one has an axe to grind against her, the Board of Education, or the people that she has put into place. It's simply a case of look at where Pender County Schools has been, and where they are now. There's no sense of relationship and community since Dr. Cobb took over the helm. She even went so far as to tell one school, when they noted that morale was poor, "improving morale is not my job." Really? This is NOT the kind of person we want leading McDonald's, much less a school system that at one time was the best in Southeastern NC, despite working with less dollars per pupil. For whatever reason, the Board of Education seems to be in a fog when it comes to Dr. Cobb and her "leadership and direction" of the school system.

As one commenter noted there have been a lot of people that have left the county, and many more would already be gone if an opportunity were there. These people were not looking for another county to go to; in fact, many of them were lifers in this county, having been here 15 or 20 years and giving their blood, sweat and tears to the children and families of the Pender County communities. Yet to hear the current administration of Pender County spin it, these people either needed to go, were bad for the county, or pursued the job of their dreams. Wrong, wrong, and umm, yep, wrong. People leave jobs because of poor leadership, and in this case, all fingers point to Dr. Cobb.

I urge the media, county commissioners, Board of Education, parents, and Pender County communities to truly dig deeper and find out for yourselves what is happening in the school system. I can promise you, where there's smoke there's a fire, and there's a fire raging out of control right now for Pender County Schools.


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