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"the true scholar you must be." Let me guess, you spend your weekends at Wal-mart and buy all you Christmas gifts there? How lucky to be on your Christmas list. Did I have to go into a long dissertation on Wal-mart and how they mistreat their employees, put Mom & Pop stores out of business, add more urban blight to our communities, have huge sweat shops in China to pump out the cheaply made products (over 80% of Wal-Mart’s suppliers are from China) do you remember "Buy American" !! , under pay/promote women, unpaid overtime, not to mention the environmental damage the stores cause. All this from a company that pocketed $6.6 billion in profits last year. Look behind that yellow smiley face and see what is really happening to the "associates". The majority get $6,$7 an hour except the men I knew there that made $12+, the managers have huge salary plus HUGE bonuses ,long time cashiers that make just above minimum wage while the newer hires get more, a meager health care plan that the employee pays for, no pension, no future. There's a revolving door at Wal-mart workers coming in, seeing the reality of it. That's what's happening behind closed doors. this a better comment for you?


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