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You have clearly never seen

You have clearly never seen him at his kid's soccer games. My child plays soccer on the same team as his child and he has been escorted out or asked to leave due to violent verbal outburst several times. In fact, the day of this "attack" he was so verbally abusive to the other team (the players mind you, who are children) that he was escorted out. He is a hothead and his decisions on the school board have been questionable if you look at the possible impact they have. This is not a "tea party" or "liberal" thing--the board of education should not fall on political lines, in fact there shouldn't be parties named, it should be focused on the betterment of education for all of our kids, not a political stepping stone for someone who is unbalanced. The bizarre part of this story to me is--how did an elderly, clearly out of shape man "attack" and "assault" a man who is a very successful marathon runner several years his junior? This is an orchestrated move to rally sympathy before the votes come in.


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