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Absolutely not true

I have no idea who you are, Well.... but my children play soccer with both Hickey's children. He has never, and I repeat, NEVER, been thrown out, escorted from a game, etc. Nor has he been abusive to ANY player. I know because I've been there. The day of this attack, neither child had a game. OR practice with their teams. Another example of how comfortable you feel with lying. There are plenty of other parents who go to games and know what I am posting is true. He takes his kids to all their practices and games. He finds time to be an involved father in addition to a successful surgeon and board of education member.
You clearly have a political agenda, but your examples about Hickey's work on the board of Ed are baseless. Every decision he has made has been with the kids of the county in mind. Anyone who has even remotely paid attention knows that. You can see it in the county schools.
And you clearly don't know anything about a fight. Put someone unarmed, 5'8 or so and light built against a 6'4 250 lb guy with a knife? I don't think so. Nobody thinks so. Not even you. Pathetic.
By the way, how can you tell the attacker was "out of shape" from his mugshot?! Go see a therapist. You have issues.


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