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The Guv.......

Just drove a stake through Susie Hamilton's bill - and in turn through the film industry.
He just took FULL BLAME for ending the current incentive program by proposing this. Now Hamiltons bill will languish and die in committee because the Governor already "took a stand"
The Legislature can now just go along with it - be it right or wrong.

Hey film supporters - who't to blame?
When you believe your own drivel, and pay for studies that have your desired outcome as a precursor to obtaining funding for those studies THEN you don't believe or even read the myriad of studies that PROVE your study to be wrong? You've got no one to blame but yourselves.
When you advertise for a rally of support and only get a handful of your own people to attend that sends a powerful message of complacency to Raleigh. I, unlike SC Tom, believe you had lobbyists there and they were as ineffective as Johnny Griffin is.
Now the city should scale back on funding as well and use those savings to help pay police and firemen MORE than they are currently getting.
I am astonished by the impotency shown by your group and the blatant disregard of how you get things done with the Legislative body in the state.
Well there's still hope - the Legislature could go against McCrory's wishes..........



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