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If this passes, its over.

Make no mistake people. If this revision passes, the Film Industry in NC is dead. You all can say what you want for or against the details, but the bottom line is if the Incentive is not competitive to other states, then no film. PERIOD. This new proposal is so UNCOMPETITIVE, it would have basically been the same to say they are not renewing the Film Incentives at all. Like it or not, this is how the film industry works now. There is no turning back at this point. We are not "FIlm Hippies". Film is a real business. I have made my living in this industry for 4 years now with my own business in NC, It pays my bills, buys my food, puts gas in my car, etc.. This is real people, Film Incentives are the foundation of where production happens in the WORLD. Everything else is second. So ask yourself this simple question. Do you want the Film Industry that has been growing in the state since the 1980s to be here or not? If not, vote for this revision. If so, vote for the new bill Susi Hamilton proposed, HB 1142. Choose carefully, because this truly is your last chance to have Film in this state. If you don't believe me, let this stay as Pat McCrory wants, and live with the consequences forever. Because once its gone, NC will lose so much ground to other competitive states, that we will only be getting the scraps if it ever comes back.


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