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you continue to miss the point.

It's not folks like you or I who have the vote.

It's the members of the Legislature who will decide.

Rather than posting on this or other local venues, you and the film industry family members need to send your message to Raleigh.

Candidly, you should have been doing that a year ago.

Rallies in Wilmington do nothing.

Every voter in Wilmington can do nothing. It's in the hands of the Legislature and Finance Committee.

It's really a pretty simple process to understand if you take a few minutes and study basic civics.

Oddly, I saw Ms. Hamilton's comment that the Governor's proposal opens the door to negotiation.

So will you and the film industry family allow that negotiation? Will you and the film industry family get up to Raleigh to show your support? Or will the film industry family continue beating the doom and gloom drum while snarling like a pack of rabid dogs as you attempt to bite the hands which could feed you?

In case you missed it, that last approach has failed miserably.


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