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Stop drinking the kool-aid:

" but the bottom line is if the Incentive is not competitive to other states, then no film. PERIOD."
Wrong wrong WRONG and you are going against even your own industry publications which clearly show that many of the top ten big, medium and small cities for filming are in states with no incentives. Filming grew here with no incentive and will continue to grow.

And then there's this:
" Do you want the Film Industry that has been growing in the state since the 1980s to be here or not? If not, vote for this revision. If so, vote for the new bill Susi Hamilton proposed, HB 1142. Choose carefully, because this truly is your last chance to have Film in this state."

Are you THAT stupid? Really? Since when do the people VOTE on legislative bills? This is the crux of the industry's problems - they think the people will decide - NO they won't !! It will be legislators that will vote and the governor will sign whatever they pass. Good grief Justin grow up - learn how the legislative process works. Your 500 person "RALLY" showed just how dis-interested even your own group is! Think about it - there's 100 counties in NC? Thats half a person for each county.
You don't stand a chance - your arguments are bereft of independent fact finding. My gawd man your group is flaccid - go take a blue pill.



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