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Different industry but let's

Different industry but let's not forget auto makers (and possibly aviation?) that were looking for new plants. BMW went elsewhere, now film makers will too. You can't put a price tag on pride but isn't it great when when someone online talks about a movie and you can say "Yep and it filmed here in ILM".

Tax money is going to go SOMEwhere and a percentage will always find fault with it being spent on where it goes be it public housing, roadway flowers, salaries or whatever.. Proponents of each can be passionate for their cause and believe in it and they are not wrong, just have their own values that may differ from others.

My own view is whatever the cost keep the film alive HERE and reap the secondary benefits that arise from it. Something I have never seen mentioned; how many movie stars or moguls have a second/vacation house here contributing to the tax base? Those would fall by the wayside as well until re-purchased.


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