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I think this is SUPER

I think this is SUPER nice...and really awesome....but the only drawback is those that are struggling to get that water bill paid and were at work....didn't get a chance..the giveaway patrol appears only to do these awesome giveaways during a 9-5 time period..having water in New Hanover County has become a TREASURE....unlike other county with the electric bill once a year if you receive food stamps....there is NO help from the county or state with the water...Ive bought extra gallons of water with my food stamps...because come Monday my water will be cut off ...$128.00 is not something that I have...I DO work...but get NO child support because the County cant seem to enforce the COURT ORDER for it! With two children keeping a roof over our heads....paying the electric bill, rent, I ride the city bus to and from work...we don't have cable..and we use the public library for internet because it is free. Maybe the next giveaway WWAY could find a way to help those that cant get there to stand in a line.....just a thought.


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