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See? You weren't paying attention...AGAIN!

Look at the video with both eyes, without wincing and pay attention. Remember, this started as a police chase because the "innocent guy" in the car blew through a DWI checkpoint and ran from the police, while ENDANGERING the public. Now that you're a bit more up to speed here, let's continue...

An officer hits the car in the drivers side door with his vehicle and blocks it so the criminal can no longer evade. The K-9 officer inserts the K-9 through an open window while the officer on the passenger side of the car is trying to break the window with his baton because the door is locked. This is to gain access to the criminal they just had to chase down and arrest him, not to "excite the animal". He didn't need to be excited.

Let me guess, you also believe the moon landing was performed in Arizona too, right?


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