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Think before you speak...

People that make comments about other people's past are some of the most ignorant people out there. There is NOONE on this earth that has never made a mistake. I am not condoning drug dealers, but I am also not slandering anyone that, with God's help, is/was able to change. The link that was given about this mans past did not show the "worst drug dealer of the 80's". There was 1 possession charge. People that live in glass houses should NEVER throw stones. God forbid that you have a child that may stray away...what will you do then, disown them? Regardless of a person's past, these young punks have no right to force their way in another person's home with the intent of taking what does not belong to them. You slandered someone that lost their life in THEIR home. Why not talk about the "brilliant" 20-year-old that got bored and robbed someone with a BB gun? Let's talk about the problem here...these young kids that do not want to work or take ANY responsibility to stand on their own 2 feet. They feel that it is ok to take things that other people have worked so hard for and earned on their own, the right way. Why not think about the terror that this man endured when shot and not living to see another day...the fear that knowing he may not live...the knowledge of your life flashing in front of your eyes in a split second? Get over your stupid self-righteous crap and face up to what is really going on in the world today.God bless his family and kids...RIP "Big A"


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