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I tell you what lady...did a Bunker and HIDE!!!!

Send me $1.25...and I won't write a ton of criticism (remarks) of you getting your 15 minutes of fame by something as stupid as this. One more bit of advice for the Media...let people figure these types of situations out for themselves instead of thinking you (the Media) has to warn everyone from Cairo to Calcutta about scam artist. They are there...let people use their brains!!!

Facebook/Tweetards/Lardspread/Clumpdump/etc...and all the other social media programs that people just love to post all their personal info on...will in the long run...have some of these very same individuals (or so called Victims) looking for someone else to blame...yes...and to sue in court.
She should look into the mirror on her wall...I think she will find the answer to her own problem.
Thanks WWAY for my early morning laugh :-)


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