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The truth SUCKs doesn't it?

And that's the only thing I stated in my post. You don't have an answer as to where these two news flash jockeys are when events like this pop up do you? Remember the Prouty kid murdered by three thugs out to kill a white boy? Where were they then? Well? Your answer?

Lookah heah Kilroy, I don't post on this forum to win (or just get) a Pulitzer Peace Prize like Obama did, I'm here to provide MY input. Most of the articles are about negative events (that's what sells news Dummy!), so the majority of my posts will be parallel, so if you don't like what I write, use your left mouse button wisely!

By the way, I do live at the beach! I walk on it's serene, sandy shore every single day and feel quite blessed for the opportunity to do so, but I earned it with hard work! So, how are things in Creekwood? Gang violence, drug use and murder any better? Don't call Al or Jesse to hepp!


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