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The point here is this
In public schools administrators teachers, teachers aides and other salaries are public knowledge. That is part of the "transparent government" we want, and demand.
There is no doubt RBA does more with less, however, they accept state monies and with it the requirement for transparency - THIS IS NOT DEMANDED BY WWAY but by state law and the agency that oversees charter schools. WWAY had to file to see this information that is given freely by the public school system. It should be given by RBA. That is the law.
RBA is doing a great disservice to themselves and their students by NOT releasing this info.
YOU are doing a disservice to RBA by trying to direct the argument away from the law and on to the results that RBA has achieved. There is no doubt according to test scores RBA does more with less - BUT - if the administrator is gouging the public to inflate his salary by NOT providing transportation, lunches and libraries and STILL getting state funds then he needs to be cut off from state funding. Period.

He is already using accounting tricks to pad his bottom line.
Or are YOU really afraid they'll find out he's gouging the state?



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