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Transportation and Truth

Transportation isn't as simple as "they aren't funded for it". School systems are paid based on the amount of efficiency they demonstrate when transporting students. They aren't paid the cost of transportation students. For example, if I have a bus that picks up 30 students and does so with low mileage, my student per mile ratio is pretty low. If ten of those students go to a charter school, then the bus travels the same distance, but the efficiency (mileage vs student) goes down. Lets say the efficiency drops to 90%, then the state only pays 90% of the cost of transportation. No big deal right? 10%? For the average school system this would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. Plus school systems have to pay the salary for transportation directors and assistants "out of pocket". When a student attends a charter school, they do take the transportation funding with them. The most expensive child to transport is not the last, but the first.

For traditional public schools, its not an option, they have to provide transportation.... But I would suggest the lack of transportation by most charters as well as the relatively isolated location in which many choose to set up shop suggests something more ominous at work- lack of food and transportation allows charters to "screen out" many students.
So you end up with a school that has students whose parents can take them and pay for Pizza or KFC everyday. That will get you a certain clientele that will be seen as "desirable" by certain parents. Meanwhile, the students who cant afford to travel or provide their food can't go. Let's say charters are the best schools.... should a child be refused the opportunity because they can't afford to pay for lunch everyday or find a ride? This wouldn't be as bothersome if these were private schools. But these aren't. These are public schools they have been set up with the sole purpose of educating the most advantaged students so they don't have to be exposed to the "regular public schools" . Public used to mean equal opportunity. Now with charters it means "I don't have to pay for my child to go to school with undesirable children." And now it also means "its taxpayer money, but its our business how we spend it."


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