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Recipe for Success???

Here's their recipe...

Step 1) Cherry Pick the best students (ones whose parents can afford to transport them to and from school and provide their lunch)then use their test scores to "prove" your school is better than schools who are required by law to educate ANYONE AND EVERYONE regardless of income level or academic achievement.
Step 2) If a student does not achieve or is a behavioral problem, send them back to public schools (Public Schools have to educate them regardless of discipline or grade issues, see above)
Step 3) Receive the same amount of tax dollars per student as public schools, yet not provide breakfast or lunches, transportation, or high cost athletic activities such as football, basketball, etc.
Step 4) Pocket the difference and call it "rent" and "bonuses".
Step 6) Refuse to divulge required information in a timely manner when asked by a State Agency to do so.
Step 5) Crow about how great your school is.

Mix together and serve to the gullible public, including Mr. DumbTee


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