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Attack of the Green Headed Monster?

1 - The parents who can afford transport and lunch cherry pick the school, not the other way around. It's starting to look like some of you resent the fact that they're able to do that. Could that be the Green Headed Monster rearing it's ugly head?
2 - Behavior and achievement problems bounced out: So what? The public school system is still available to them. It sounds like you think all students should go there anyway.
3 - Receive the same amount of tax dollars per student? Not true. They use less taxpayer dollars per student. The lunch, transport, athletic activity issue is a choice those parents decide to make and that's their business, not yours. Obviously, they're making it for a reason that's been proven beneficial to their children. Regardless, it still costs taxpayers less.
4 - Pocket the difference: Regardless, it still costs taxpayers less.
5 - Refuse to divulge info: I agree, they should.
6 - Crow about the school: That crowing sound is coming mostly from satisfied parents, and if they're the parents of the best students, they're probably smart enough to know what they're talking about.

If you include the wrong ingredients you'll screw up a recipe. You got number three completely wrong and that's probably leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.


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