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why can't columbus county

why can't columbus county treat this missing child like they do others. it's a shame to know you living in a county thats all about one race(white). because this is a black child missing they don't care.they didn't treat the case of the little white kid that was missing like this. they searched and searched until they found the body. if the child was a runaway he would of called somebody by now.god put us all here to love one another regardless of race. i have black and whites in my family . i love them all the same. we need a better law system that's not about race. i'm ashame to tell anybody that i live in columbus county. my heart and prayers go out to this family and i pray to god that your child is safe and maybe hiding for his safety. i been praying to god that this child is safe. i have a son this child age too and even if i didn't i would feel the same because i know the lord.


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