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(1) Hewett refused to see a

(1) Hewett refused to see a mental health professional after he started refusing food.

(2) The "homicide" in the coroner's report is due to the fact that the altercation itself placed stress on his already damaged heart. If you will re-read the coroner's letter you will find that he specifically says that the position Hewett was held in did not lead to his death. He also says that the taser did not lead to his death. It was the stress of the situation that led to his death. Since another human being was involved, then the manner of death is considered a "homicide". A death from self-defense is also classified as a "homicide". That doesn't mean that the other person did anything wrong. If you will read the DA's report, you will find case history cited as to the legal and proper use of a taser in this kind of situation.

(3) Again, the coroner stated specifically that the position that they held him in did not cause his death.

(4) The DA's report indicates that a nurse was on the scene right after the altercation. She could not take his vital signs because he was still being aggressive. You will also find that the nurse was called as soon as they discovered that Ron Hewett's face was blue and arrived at the cell in less than a minute and the nurse and deputies began giving CPR then. They did not wait for the paramedics to arrive before trying life-saving measures.


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