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I think his brother Jon David called ATF

Just my opinion. May or may not have planned on Hewett committing suicide at the jail but reasonably may have considered it given Hewett's vow to commit suicide if set up or taken into custody ever again. Jon David has no respect for any boundaries of right to privacy or freedom from unlawful search and seizure, picks his target and operates mostly from community rumor, or the rumors he can generate by having officers sit on certain targets homes, has a decade long history of stirring big political firestorms with creating large warrants and cases from almost nothing, arresting certain targeted local well known people right at election time. Usually followed immediately by publishing a large media story that they are facing decades in state or federal prison. Few ever go to trial due to they all plea bargain and evidence is never shown based on the Fear of going to prison for decades for what he accuses them of doing. This event at Hewett's house is classic Jon. The Mitch character is possibly Mitch @ Baker & Slaughter.


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