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He is gone

I was raised on a farm and have been in the military have witnessed some pretty disturbing things in my life, but this video is extremely hard for me to watch, I ponder all the what ifs, and I realize that whether by his own hands or by others, he is gone. Should the world remember Ronald as the guy who achieved so much, he didn't just become a sheriff he gave jobs and inspiration to others he hired folks and recommended others. He inspired young folks with the Dare program and he welcomed a open hand to strangers. While his bright light may have become a shadow the good he did cannot be ignored. unless his comrades can take credit for all he did he must have bore some responsibility to keep us while we slept.

And while others can leap to the conclusion that his light was distinguished by his own hand, for my own reason, must believe that the burden of his success- the weight of the responsibility and the speed at which he achieved so much, laid waste to the Ronald I knew. The shear drive to fulfill those duties that were larger than the vision of his dream burned blankets over him and befell his version of reason.

I do not side with his actions, and while I grieve for my friend I find myself wondering if while he was watching over us who was watching over him, and as I watch my friend battling his own demons I wonder what value a life must have before, his downfall does not eclipse his achievements. And so I pray for his mother, his children and his love ones, I hope the good Lord will allow me some day to see my friend as he was, that his children will see him not as this video depicts, but as the man whom so many depended on at one time as they slept in peace. Goodbye my Friend.


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