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Taser Deaths

Do we have statistical information, reliable statistics, gathered over years, regarding taser related deaths? How many law enforcement agencies do you think really report the truth regarding them? As for the medical examiner's "opinion" that death would have occurred immediately if it resulted from the taser, does he have statistics to support his statement? My second question would be how does he define "immediate." I think within 30 minutes is immediate enough for me to say it played a role in his death. The man was tasered in the chest. I'm not an MD, just an observer but I don't see how the taser incident can be just "swept under the rug" as a cause of death. Do they think everyone is just stupid enough to buy their explanation? Next, he was refusing food and causing concern about his mental state as described in the interview. As a result, he was asked if he needed a psychological evaluation or intervention. Now I ask you, how many people who honestly need psychological intervention KNOW they need it? Isn't one of the tests of mental instability that you don't KNOW you're unstable? Last of all, where was the taser when he was laid on his chest in the cell and the nurse who had difficulty removing it had to ask the deputies for help? Was it still in his chest? Also, did she check his vitals? I didn't see a blood pressure cuff or anything else in her hands. Surely if a private citizen can pose these questions, there is an bunch of attorneys chomping at the bit to get a hold of this case.


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