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The real story of what's going on....

As an employee of over 13 years at Dosher, I am appalled at the attitude of today's management. For those of you who are on the outside, it is a very interesting story. Shortly after Mr. Haywood resigned as CEO, a search commenced on his replacement. Tom Seimers was selected as the new CEO. He was not a unanimous choice, but we were told
he was a "choice they could live with". Shortly after his selection, our V.P. Chief Nursing Officer, Connie Shea, a Dosher employee for over 20 years, "resigned" with absolutely NO notice given. Rather surprising for the professional she was. Her replacement was named shortly afterwards. It was Carol Northup, a friend and ex-coworker of Seimers while in Iowa. Convenient?? Next, Dennis Coffey, V.P. Chief Financial Officer, unexpectantly resigned, again with no notice given. One guess who his replacement was... Dan Porter, who again, was a play buddy of Seimers and Northup while in Iowa. I think an investigation of the ultimate outcome of facilities where they have worked will prove very interesting. Do we want our hospital that we pay taxes for to be ruined by a group, not from this area, who have a dubious history at other facilities? I wonder how much THEIR bonuses will be this financially strapped year, probably more than our 2%......


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