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Illegals-what can I give them now?????

I think this is bull. We are giving them everthing and all they have to do is show up and its here take this and while your at it take the shirt off my broken back. Give me a break people. I am busting my behind to put my AMERICAN BORN AND RAISED CHILDREN thru school and now your telling me that they can run over here and get a free education. Trust me they don't have to pay for anything now so don't tell me that they will be paying for their college education. What are the other requirements they will not have to have, high school degree -1 GPA? I'm working with a mountain load of immigrants now and trust me they get more than their share of FREE stuff. People with no children claim four dependents so they pay no taxes on their check then some file taxes on dependents that don't live here and get a load of money from the IRS. I've seen these things so don't tell me what else we need to GIVE IMMIGRANTS, they get more than they deserve now.


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