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undocumented aliens

I don't understand how citizens of our state and country don't get the big picture. It's not about if they are good people or not. It's not about if they have had hard lives or not. It's about we can seem to feed all the hungry in the US and we as tax payers pay the bill for all others whom don't seem to have to pay taxes or follow welfare rules or be held accountable for actions that they have. If you want to come to America and go to school do so the proper way. Get a visa, apply to become a citizen if you want, but quit giving illegal aliens from other countrys American money that should be used to help the elerdy and hungry of the US who may have fell on hard times or fought wars for us but we turn our backs on them and we stand up and scream out for the illegals. If I go to a forigen country to leave for any length of time I will get a visa and I will do what is required from that goverment. I don't think it's a lot to ask, being we ask our young 19 yr old military guys to go and fight for our freedom and risk losing their lives. Maybe the people writting these comments about it doesn't hurt anyone should go and fight for our freedommmmmmmmmmmm


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