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Looks like the people who

Looks like the people who destroyed New Hanover County are looking up to Burgaw and licking their lips. That was masterful the way they convinced the voters up there that a separate way to pay (transfer tax) for all the school kids that these developers will bring would be a bad thing. Did anyone notice that the effort to defeat the transfer tax were funded laregely by outside interests? No problem though Pender County, these developers and Realtors will continue to get nice profits and commissions at your expense seeing as how you were so kind as to subsidize their development costs with your even increasing property taxes. The good people of NHC were gullible enough to fall for such rhetoric that development fees would be a bad thing and hurt the little person. Nowadays though, their home county was destroyed and they can't afford to live there anymore because of the steep taxes required to pay for the insufficient schools and sewer systems that the development community left behind as they walked away cheering with full profits because there were no development fees. I feel for you Pender County and Burgaw, you were once a charming a lovely place but it appears that increasingly, the development community is taking charge of your local governments and that's going to pretty much spell the end of what made you what you were.


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