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Theresa, I find your post to be truly offensive

Your company, A1 Security Services L.L.C., posts on its website that in addition to film production security, you provide services for:

* Executive & VIP protective services
* Government security
* Retail Security
* Hotel security.
* Special event security.
* Sports Events Security
* Corporate office security
* Office and office building security,
* Industrial security including building security.
* Private Investigation Services

Why don't you tell the rest of us why your company couldn't find an opportunity for these young men in one of those very same areas you list on your website? In essence, if you've told them that film is the only area of security they could work in, you're either lying to them or your website lies about what you do. Which one is it?

Your basic implied premise here is way beyond vile, it's despicable: If someone doesn't support money losing film incentives, they are against supporting our troops, even if they are fine young heroes and are "most likely to fight ISIS".

I've seen a lot of crazy reasons in these posts in support of film incentives, but I really can't even imagine anyone, with even the tiniest amount of morality within them, getting behind a concept as truly disgusting as this one. The only exception to that of course would obviously be you. What's next; if you don't support film incentives, you're in favor of killing babies or something equally as heinous?

As the CEO of a company that already has its hand out for extra advantages by claiming NC HUB Certified minority business status, it comes as no surprise that you would support other industries also looking for special advantages. Hey, I can live with that; you found a legal loophole and you're gaming the system fair and square. Your post is another story. It defies anything even close to being moral. It is beyond twisted.

Without a doubt, this is probably one of the most offensive posts I've ever read on this forum. If you have any morality at all, you should feel ashamed of yourself. Somehow, I doubt that you do.


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