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Some of you need to learn a

Some of you need to learn a few lessons before you post some of the silly comments I see here. 1. The chargers that LPD drive are V6 so they are more efficient than the V8 Crown Vics. 2. Yeah you're right the police should be out arresting the "real criminals". By the way, tell me who are the real criminals. Would it be the drunk driver that slams into your car and kills your family or would it be the speeder who runs the red light and hits you. No, No it couldn't be them...those are traffic offenses and you want the police to stay off of the highway. Your point about real criminals is ignorant and stupid. 3. Maybe you should come up with a schedule of when and where the police are allowed to eat. I'm certain that you don't take a break at your job to get a drink or to eat lunch. You're probably too hard of a worker to do that. The police are people just like you and they also are entitled to a break. 4. Before you start worrying about where the Leland Police jurisdiction ends maybe you should learn a little about the law. Their jurisdiction doesn't end at the city limits moron. Know what you are talking about before you say stupid things. 5. The Leland Police cars are not on loaner. The Town bought those cars. Some were purchased on a grant. One of you is complaining about the police gars being "gas guzzlers" and another is saying that they need faster cars. Make up your mind. 6. As for all the officers needing a course in courtsey, have you spoken to all the police officers in Leland? My guess is no. So then why are you judging an entire police department from an experience that you had with one officer. Thats no different than you judging an entire race based on one encounter. That as well is ignorant. Finally, why don't you find something better to do than bash the police. These guys are out here working when you are home sleeping with your wife or whatever. They are out here on holidays, away from their families, while you are celebrating with yours. Instead of bashing them how about you say thank you for everything they do four you everyday. If the Leland Police are such a joke then don't call them next time you need help.


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