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I am a Police Officer but I don’t work for Leland. To start with Leland Police is like any other agency; they all have pros and cons. I have worked hand in hand with Leland Police on many occasions and with other northern Police depts. of Brunswick County. They are a great department and they are still growing. You and I are the same I pay taxes just as you, but when it comes to a gas guzzler as many of you have stated, let me just say there are reasons for those high powered machines. Now reason one you don’t like the police - we can write you a ticket, take you to jail and tow your vehicle. Yes this is true but you have to earn that, we don’t just give those away. Now that pink pick of paper that you receive from county or local officers that says cost of court on it, hey you what a percentage of that money goes to what ever town or agency your are wrote by. So you say stay off 17 and 74/76 and I say, slow down. You want a reason for those high powered machines here’s one for you, I evening I responded to a officer that wasn’t answering his radio off Mount Misery rd. come to find out that officer wasn’t answering his radio due to a wreck where someone had hit him on the drivers side door and he was unaware of his surroundings. Here is another one, one evening I met a 74 year old grandmother of 6 that was a widow and stayed by herself because she had called 911 and someone was breaking into her home, she was so afraid we wouldn’t get there quick enough she got her late husbands pistol out of the dresser and locked herself in her bathroom. She was assisted and the subjects captured that evening. And one more for you, Boling Springs Lakes Police call for assistance due to a vehicle chase where the fleeing vehicle has rammed a Police car and assaulted a Police officer multiple times. Situation turns into chaos due to drugs and other factors of the fleeing driver. The driver was then arrested after she rammed two other vehicles and one of them head on. You sit there and do the whole Monday morning quarter backing for the Sunday night game and say things should and need to be different but what really needs to change is your support for your local county and state law enforcement officers. We go and risk of life everyday and yes we did chose our jobs but we don’t make enough money to justify loosing our life for you when you don’t even support us. You are fussing about the officers piled up at the local stores grabbing a drink, coffee, and doughnut whatever the case maybe and yet we work 14 plus hours a night only to be paid for 12. It’s nice to have someone to talk to from time to time when your working alone in your district or zone until your reliving shift comes in at 5-7 am. We don’t ask for a lot, but you could at least support your law enforcement officers that maintain the safety of the community by risking ours lives. Crime is everywhere, yes St. James I said everywhere. Just because you don’t see a cop in the area doesn’t mean there isn’t one there and just because you do see a cop with his side lights on near a business doesn’t mean something has happened. We are always here and ready for your call, but get off the kick about speeding and tickets because its better to catch them going to the business they want to break in on the highway than them not coming to this business because there is a officer there and slamming into the side of your vehicle. We see and we listen, all you have to do is support.


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