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In response to the officer

In response to the officer who said: "2. Yeah you're right the police should be out arresting the "real criminals". By the way, tell me who are the real criminals." Here are examples of real criminals: 1. People who kill others 2. The 9/11 terrorists who spent a year in Florida learning how to land jets 3. People who steal cars 4. People who kidnap 5. People who enter your home and steal your personal property 6. People who physically assault others 7. People who sell drugs to children The fact that any of the foregoing continue to occur is in part due to the misguided focus of the police. Here are examples of who the police focus most of their time on and believe are criminals: 1. The person, who throughout their entire life, would never even imagine doing any of the things listed above, has made a positive contrbution to society, and who goes 60 mph in a 50 mph zone 2. The same type of person as above who makes a U-turn at 3 am when no-one else is on the road When a police officer arrests a person for these types of traffic violations under the charge of reckless driving, they are in effect kidknapping an innocent person. How would any police officer like to be stopped, and, against their will, be placed in handcuffs and thrown in jail for "speeding" or running red lights (which police do frequently).


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