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Sounds to me more like..... consider yourself above Chapter 20, thinking traffic laws don't apply to you. Whether you shoplift or speed, you've broken a law, and if you claim the right to speed and make an illegal U-turn, what keeps another from claiming a right to shoplift? You're actually advocating that police officers do nothing about people running red lights? I'll bet you think drunk driving is okay, too! Why would police waste their time on that silliness, right? If you think you have the right to drive sixty in a fifty mph zone, don't I have the right to drive eighty? After all - you're advocating individual, personal speed limit establishment. If you can do it, so can I. So can anyone. Well, we CAN'T do it! Traffic laws exist for a reason. We cannot have a society in which people decide which traffic law they will obey, and which they will ignore. It will be total chaos out there. Grow up, start obeying traffic signs, and remember that old adage - "It's better to remain silent and have people think you a fool than to post an idiotic message and remove all doubt."


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